Fusion Splicer

Signal Fire Fusion Splicer

Check out the Signal Fire fusion welders. The latest fusion splicers, with which you can fuse and weld fiber optic cables together. The device comes with a 12-piece tool kit, so you immediately have everything together to get started. The Signal Fire AI-7C, AI-7V, AI-8C and AI-9 fusion welding machines use the latest fusion welding technology on the market. This technology is used in fiber optic technology in the BENELUX and other countries. Furthermore, this fusion welding technology is known as the core alignment technology and is experienced as very user-friendly. Due to the user-friendliness, this new generation of fusion welding machines is convenient and very fast to use.

Fusion Splicer Dimensions

The sleek and functional design of the 12-piece tool case including the fusion splicer has a total weight of 8.4 kg. Separately, the fusion splicer and the 12-piece tool case weigh 2.08 and 7.1 kg, respectively. The weight of the fusion splicer without the battery is 1.6 kg. The weight of the 12-piece tool case is 7.1 kg, including the supplied tool parts.


2,08 kg (inclusief batterij)

1,6 kg (zonder batterij)

12-delige gereedschapskoffer inclusief handige kruk (max 100 kg belastbaar) en gereedschap.


Gewicht postorderpakket

8,4 kg.

Transport the fusion splicer safely in the included 12-piece tool case.

Part of the 12-piece kit is the handy stool, which you can sit on while splicing the fiber optic cables. The stool contributes to the comfort of the work and fits over the supplied case, where the fusion splicer is safely stored. Because the stool fits over it, everything you need is easy to keep together, to transport and to move.

de fusielasmachine komt met een 12 delige gereedschapskoffer

De fusion splicer comes with Bluetooth 

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